Top 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches 2020

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The 10 best Gigabit Ethernet switches of 2020

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By Kaustubh on 27 November 2020

Welcome to wireless Pairing, in this post we are going to discuss about the various gigabit ethernet switches available in the market.

An ethernet switch acts as an extension to your router when you cant find enough ports for connecting  your devices.

All our smart devices, from our smart watch to our door cam need internet to work. Our main criteria whether it is our home or office network is, the  speed and performance.

No body likes the buffering while watching our favourite series in our smart tv. When load increases performance decreases.

Ethernet switch acts like a central hub providing the communication between the smart home devices with a wired connection.

The best Gigabit Ethernet switches

Top 10 Best Gigabit Ethernet Switches

Extend the connectivity of your router with up to 7 more devices by linking them to this 8-port easy to plug and use designed ethernet switch.


1.Full-duplex IEEE 802.3x flow control and half-duplex backpressure with intelligent port-based congestion detection and broadcast rate control

2.All ports support auto MDI/MDI-X cable detection.


1.8 ports.

2.Easy Plug in design.

3.Full Duplex connection.

4.QoS with video and audio prioritization for better streaming.

5.Powersaving mode enables less power delivery when the ports are not in use.



1.Ethernet connectors on the front.

2.Need to buy an adaptor.

Netgear Nighthawk s8000 Gigabit Ethernet switch comes with a stylish and energy efficient design with high quality fast gaming performance with no latency and no cooling issues.

Invest once and you will not regret with this value for money, as this ethernet switch is used and reviewed by many satisfied users .

This is a managed switch, that not only allows the users to just plug and play but helps in managing the traffic between the connected devices implementing the QoS.


1.Ports:8 Gigabit ports and 2 Multi-gig/10G ports.

2.Managed Ethernet Switch.

3.Durable and long lasting.

4.Energy efficient.


1.Quiet performance with reduced fan noise.

2.3-year limited hardware warranty.

3.99% lower latency than a basic switch for faster gaming and streaming.

4.RGB color control to customize each LED to your personal tastes.

5.Gaming Dashboard for real time insights.

6.User friendly interface.



1.High price.

2.Difficult to set up.

This is a feature rich gaming switch with high build quality. Just expect the quality of speed and performance matching with the price.

Combine this a Nighthawk router and observe the outstanding performance.

This is a budget friendly option for small businesses which provides a reliable and less power consuming connection with no additional overhead of configuring software and installation.


1.24 Ethernet ports.

2.Durable metal design.

3.Fan less quiet performance.


4.Energy efficient.

5.Simple plug and play setup.


1.Unmanaged switch.

2.No rackmount hardware. 

This small and compact 8-port gigabit ethernet switch doesn’t fail your devices and connectivity.With no additional overhead of configuration and extensive set up with firmware updates, this plug and play switch removes all your worries by providing a reliable speed and durable network with no compromise on quality of service.


1.Small and compact design design with better grip by rubber buttons in the bottom to keep the switch from directly laying on the surface.

2.Easy Plug and Play set up with no additional configuration or firmware updates.

3.Industry leading limited lifetime warranty and free 24/7 technical support.

4.Ports:8× 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 Ports supporting Auto Negotiation and Auto MDI/MDIX



2.Fanless quiet design.

3.Can be placed on  desktop or wall mounted.

4.Durable build quality.

5.Indicator LEDs for each port.


1.Un managed Switch.

4.8 stars out of 5 for 16,971 ratings on Amazon

Inexpensive budget switch that matches your expectations.

This switch is designed for small to medium businesses where there the smart cloud helps in the integration of management by providing the control of devices from anywhere. Simply plug and play design helps in easy setup with no installation and configuration issues.


1.16 Ethernet ports.

2.Plug and play design.

3.Quiet performance.

3.Reliable and high speed network.

4.Power saving and energy efficient.

5.Full integrated smart cloud management providing device control.


1.Unmanaged switch.

This 24-port unmanaged Gigabit GREEnet Switch helps in efficient power saving of 70 percent with the following features,

  • Link down detect technology helps in power saving by delivering less power to unused ports.
  • Standby mode delivers less power when the devices are off.
  • Cable length detect, delivers less power to shorter-length cables.


1.Ports:24 Gigabit RJ 45 ports.

2.Sturdy Metal Desktop design which can be placed on desktop or can be kept on a rack.

3.Reduced power consumption of about 70 percent with GREENnet technology.

4.Congestion elimination with a total switching capacity of 48Gbps with full-duplex mode.


1.Fan less noise design.

2.Simple plug and play setup.

3.Lifetime TRENDnet Manufacturer Warranty.

4.High bandwidth reliable performance.

5.Energy efficient design.


1.Un managed switch.

2.Can be placed on desktop only with no mounting holes on the bottom.Need to buy extra rack mounting hardware to keep it on rack.

Boost your office network efficiency and eliminate network congestion with this 24-port gigabit high speed ethernet switch.

This is an inexpensive Gigabit Ethernet switch which can be used economically for small to medium companies, where it helps in maximum power savings with D-Link green technology and can be easily upgradable.


D-Link green technology helps in saving the power by reducing the heat and increasing the product life.

Power saving is ensured by checking the idle ports and traffic. The switch automatically detects such ports and reduces the power usage.

Also cable length detection helps in utilizing the power efficiently there by increasing the savings.


1.Inexpensive budget switch for small companies.

2.Supports IEEE 802.1p QoS traffic prioritization.

3.Reliable and efficient.

4.Durable with rugged metal surface.

5.Easy Plug and Play support.


1.Not a managed switch.

2.Limited Lifetime warranty.

4.6 star ratings out of 5 in10,552 ratings on amazon

This 24 port port Gigabit Ethernet switch from Tp-Link, provides a reliable and fast data transfer in your office network between the devices with out any interference , expanding your network capacity with less power consumption.


Ports:24× 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 Ports supporting Auto Negotiation and Auto MDI/MDIX

Protocols Supported: IEEE 802.3i IEEE 802.3u IEEE 802.3ab IEEE 802.3x


1.Life time free 24/7 technical support.

2.Reliable data transfer and fan less quiet design.

3.Easy Plug and play setup.

4.Energy efficient technology.

5.QoS trafffic prioritization.

6.Multicast optimization with IGMP snooping.

7.Ports are shielded.


1.Not a managed switch.


4.8 out of 5stars in 36,558 ratings of amazon

This 8 port Ethernet switch works great for small companies and household with multiple power saving options and easy plug and play setup. Allows you to stream high bandwidth files between the connected devices with out any interference.


1.Ports:8 Gigabit auto sensing Ethernet ports.



1.Easy Plug and Play setup.

2.QoS traffic prioritization.

3.Add up to eight devices to a local network.

4.Automatic power cut off to unused ports and smart power with cable length.

5.Minimizes transfer times for large files.


1.Both LED indicators and ports are on the same side.

2.Heavy design.

This Ethernet switch is primarily used to expand your home network by providing reliable and fast connection between the devices including security cameras, computers, TVs, laptops and many more with an easy plug and play setup.


9-Port POE Desktop 10/100 Power Ethernet Switch with 8-Port POE.

Fast Ethernet POE standard IEEE 802.3at wih Auto-MDIX Auto-Negotiation


1.Easy Plug and Play set up with no additional configuration.

2.Compact desktop design.

3.96w Power available to all POE ports.

4.LED indicator lights. Light weight design.

5.Durable with heavy duty metal frame.


1.Compatibility issues with the home automation setup.

Buying Guide

Wired vs Wi-Fi

When all the devices are smart, they can be connected wirelessly, then why do we need wired Ethernet connections?

We all know that wired connections are faster than Wi-Fi.

The performance of the Wi-Fi signal in a wired connection is reliable and the speed is consistent.

What does this mean?

1.A wireless device connected to a router may not receive or transmit the data at an even speed at all times.

The data that is sent by the router to the device has to pass through so many obstacles while reaching the device. Those obstacles may be the walls of a room or the doors of your cup board. Every time the signal passes through an obstacle its strength decreases and it results in the poor performance of the signal.

The speed decreases and the rate of data transfer is much more less.

2.Sometimes you may face difficulty in pairing your device and if it is paired, it may not result in a reliable connection leading to data loss.

You may need to send the data twice which is an additional headache issue.

3.Wireless devices bring convenience and comfort but they are not so fast compared to wired connection.

Wireless connection has traffic overhead where as wired connection has a one to one dedicated connection with no worry about the traffic.

4.Wired connection s are reliable, we need not worry about pairing or loss of data.

5.They provide good speed, no more buffering during streaming or gaming as the interference is less.

6.Ethernet cable provides a Duplex connection which can send and receive the data at the same time.

7.Also, Ethernet connections are secure. There is no question of data loss or misuse of our data.


What are the factors to be considered while choosing an Ethernet switch?

1.Number of Ports:

Ethernet switch usage depends upon the number of ports it has. Choose the Ethernet ports basing on your requirements and needs.

As the number of ports increases the cost increases. More number of ports, more number of devices are connected to the switch.

So know know many ports are necessary for your house or network and make a wise decision.

Gamers:8-port Switch

Home owners:5-port switch

Business network:16 or 24 port switch.


Some switches are designed to be kept on the desktop.

Some switches can be wall mounted.


1.Plug and play

2.Quality of service

3.Prioritising Audio over video streaming.

Know the features your Ethernet switch is offering before buying.

4.Build quality:

The good build quality makes the switch last longer.

5.Energy Efficient:

There are many switches in the market providing good performance with less power consumption. Always look for energy efficient switches.


The most important factor is the design which clearly shows the performance of the switch, like the LED indicators and the fan/fan less quiet performance.


1.Do Ethernet switches consume more power?

No Ethernet switches do not consume more power.

Ethernet switch usage depends upon the number of ports it has. Chose the Ethernet ports basing on your requirements and needs. As the number of ports increases the cost increases.

More number of ports, more number of devices are connected to the switch.More number of devices connected, more power consumption.

So know how many ports are necessary for your house or network and make a wise decision.

2.What us the difference between a Gigabit Ethernet switch and fast Ethernet?

Gigabit Ethernet has high data transfer speed and high bandwidth compared to Fast Ethernet.

The speed of Fast Ethernet is 100 Mbps where as Gigabit Ethernet is 1000Mbps.

Coverage of Fast Ethernet is 10 km where as the coverage of Gigabit Ethernet is 70km.

Faster ethernet runs on optical fiber cable and unsheilded twisted pair cable where as Gigabit Ethernet runs on 1000 base -t twisted pair cable,1000 base-x optical fibre or 1000 base-cx sheilded balanced copper cable.

Gigabit Ethernet is Expensive. Fast Ethernet provides  less speed but is economical.

3.What is the difference between a managed switch and an unmanaged switch?

Unmanaged switches are simple to use. They just need to plug in and use. No need to configure the setup to manage them.

Managed switches on the other hand require some setup configuration to work. They are capable of knowing and controlling the data flow between the connected devices. They work smartly by regulating the traffic by monitoring the connected devices in the network.

Unmanaged switches are not expensive, where as managed switches are costly.

Managed switches are difficult to setup but provide lot of benefits in traffic regulation in long run, hence they are used by large companies.

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