LIFX vs Hue 5 major differences

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By Kaustubh on 23 December 2020

A smart bulb, whether it is LIFX or Hue,brings not only the convenience of operation but also understands your moods and lightens up your surroundings .Smart bulbs have become part of many of smart homes syncing with the smart home appliances working along with music and  games.They can be operated by a smart phone or simply by your voice.

In this post,we are going to discuss about the 5 major differences between Philips hue and LIFX.

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Which Smart bulb is better, LIFX or Hue?

Philips Hue

Philips Hue starter kit comes with three LED lights and one hub. They simplify your life by making the operation easy by the control from anywhere.


First place the bulbs in areas where you want your smart lights to be. Connect the hub to the router with the help of the ethernet cable.

Once connected you can directly operate the bulb using the smart phone.

The hub is capable of connecting 99 bulbs. So you can add more and more smart bulbs in your home with one smart hub.

Voice control:

Smart hub of Philips hue helps you operate the lights with your voice.Ask Alexa to dim your lights or turn the brigthnesson to lighten up the mood.

Connection of the Philips hue is as simple as its operation. Just fix the bulbs and connect the hub and you are ready.

Philips Hue app

Hue app lets you to control the brightness and intensity of your Philips bulbs wirelessly. The best part offered is the customization of the mood and intensity.

Hue app not only provides the ease and comfort of turning the bulbs on or off but also lets you synchronise with your music and entertainment.You can adjust the tone and intensity to match with your mood and environment.


Philips hue
Philips hue1
  • Hue app lets you color the bulb in match with your room,pick  the color and choose your lighting.
  • There are over 30 premade scenes to chose the lighting from,Suppose you chose the scene,”Sunrise” the scene is brought alive with the intensity. Chose your scene and stimulate your mood.
  • You can also customise the mood with your own profile pictures, pictures of you for the scenes you want to create.
  • Each bulb can be operated separately ,like you want to brighten your dining room while having dinner keeping the living room room in dim, every thing can be done simply with the hue app.
  • Assign a particular scene to a particular light,like sunrise to a living room light bulb to lift up your spirits when ever they are turned on and a relax scene to a dining room to create a warm and pleasant experience to the family dinners.

Additional settings

Inaddition to setting and changing the colors and intensities of the bulbs,hue app also allows you to set remainders like a wake up call.

  • You can set specific time remainder so that every day at that time the lights to turn on and you can also set the timer to turn them off at particular time in the night.
  • You can use this feature of hue bulbs and turn them as a wakeup call to wake you up at a particular time.

They are many apps in you can use them with hue bulbs like Hueparty which syncs with your party music and creates dynamic light scenes.


LIFX LED bulbs can be operated wirelessly with the help of a smartphone. They do not need a hub or bridge for the operation.


LIFX bulbs are so simple in terms of connectivity.Fix the bulbs in their place and install the LIFX app.This a Wi-Fi enabled bulb and doen’t need a hub to control it.

LIFX app

The app has a color selection wheel which you can turn and choose the color and intensity of the light bulb matching your mood.

The app allows you to choose the intensity setting for each bulb.You can control multiple bulbs from the same app.

As with Philips hue,LIFX also has some predefined scenes and colors matching with those particular scenes.

You can also create your custom scenes with your personalised color and intensity for a particular area bulb.



Additional features

LIFX bulbs let you know the notifications,the ligh blinks twice indicating that you got a message feed. This type of alerts is a cool feature, you can enjoy from a smart bulb, helping you in keeping touch with the social network.

LIFX bulbs can also be used as remainders, you can schedule them to tur n on and off at a particular time every day.

schedule lifx

LIFX vs Hue

Similarities between LIFX and Hue

1.LIFX and Hue smart bulbs are used to customise the bulbs in a single room or single group and can adjust the brightness and intensity together.They both support the full RGB spectrum color ambiance.

2.Both LIFX and Hue are used to schedule the lights to switch on and switch off every day at a particular time, you can use your smart lights to wake up you up every day giving you a visual remainder.

3.Both the applications of LIFX and Hue are very user friendly and have a lot of preloaded scenes to try. You can add new scenes with new colors and intensities to suit your mood.

4.Both LIFX and Hue are compatible with voice assistants like Google assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple Home kit. You can easily operate your smart bulbs with your voice.Ask alexa to dim your lights or to turn on the party mood.

Differences between LIFX and Hue

The main difference between LIFX and Hue is the fact that, one works with Hub and the other is hub less. The following are some of the major differences between LIFX and Hue,


LIFX bulbs are 5.3 inches long,Hue bulbs are 4 inches long.

LIFX has a plastic cone and Hue lights have a glass cone.

LIFX bulbs come with white or gunmetal base.

LIFX bulbs are double the weight compared to the Philips bulbs. The scattering of light in Philips Hue is good compared to LIFX.


The brightness of LIFX bulbs is 1017 Lumens output (2500k-9000k) while the Hue bulbs shine at 800 Lumens output(2000k-6500k).

Undoubtedly ,LIFX LED lights are very brighter than Hue lights.

LIFX lights color range is also very good, there is an option of 16 million colors to choose from in Philips Hue, which is 1 billion in LIFX.LIFX colors are much much deeper.

If LIFX is so bright, then why choose Philips, Philips is a well known brand and lot of people have trusted Philips over a long time and they didn’t fail them too.

The fact that Hue works with a lot of dimmers and switches attracts most of the people to choose over LIFX. They feel they have more control over the lights, which makes them happy.

One more thing is, to operate the LIFX lights the switch should be on, then only you can operate them smartly with phone, otherwise you can not operate the bulb.

Life Span

LIFX light bulbs can last for 25,000 hours where as Hue bulbs can last for 15,000 hours.


The installation LIFX bulbs is very easy,it needs neither a hub or bridge,it is Wi-Fi enabled and the connection gets establishedin a matter of minutes.

Hue bulbs need hub to get connected first with the ethernet cable and after the hub gets connected the bulbs get operated by the hub.

Hue needs a Zigbee wireless connection where as LIFX needs 802.11 ac connection.

The main difference is all the Philips smart bulbs are connected to the hub and the hub only gets connected with the router. In LIFX each bulb is directly connected to the network,more number of bulbs means more number of connections with the router.


The price of Philips hue starter kit which has 3 bulbs and a hub is 99.99$.These bulbs are for white ambiance.

If you want to try the color ambiance you have to pay extra with this color ambiance starter kit.

Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance Outdoor LightStrip 2m/7ft (Requires Hue Hub, Works with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant)

The price of one LIFX bulb is almost 100$.

LIFX mini with 800 Lumenis also available on amazon.

The cost of each bulb in Philips starter kit is less than the single bulb of LIFX. However for LIFX you don’t need a hub and can connect directly to the network, which saves you money.

How effective are these smart home light systems at saving electricity?

Philips Hue smart lights consume 10 watts electricity while LIFX bulbs, even though they are very bright they only consume 11 watts of electrical energy.

Which one to chose?

Both smart bulbs offer a broad range of colors and ambiance to choose from.Consider the pros and cons of both the smart lights below.

Philips Hue


1.Philips Hue comes with dimmers and switch.

2.Works with Google Assistant, Apple Home kit and Amazon Alexa.

3.Picture customisation for the scenes.

4.Scheduling Visual remainders asking the lights to turn off and on at a particular time every day.


1.Needs hub to get connected to the router. However you can change the settings to out of home control when you want to control the lights remotely.



1.More vibrant colors and high intensity light that brightens your home like anything.

2.You can customize the scenes along with the preloaded scenes however we can add pictures like Philips Hue.

3.Work with Google Assistant, Apple Home kit and Amazon Alexa.

4.Visual notification of messages from the social network.



2.Bulb runs hot.

If you want to try new colors and bring the ultimate brightness with the wide range of specifications don’t look for price and go for LIFX.

Philips has a wide range of possibilities and it is compatible with many third party products, the range of control with dimmers and switches and connectivity is more with Philips, If you are looking for a long run of smart lighting, go with Philips Hue.

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