How to load music on Fitbit Versa

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How to add music to Fitbit versa?

By Kaustubh on 14 November 2020

Fitbit versa is the smartwatch designed by Fitbit in competition to Apple watch. Fitbit claims that it has a deeper understanding of your health and body.

Welcome to Wirelesspairing, In this post we will discuss the various models of Fitbit versa and how they can be used for listening to music on watch and off watch.

What are the various editions available in Fitbit Versa?

Fitbit versa special addition allows you to store 300+ songs on Fitbit to take music anywhere you go. Pair your Fitbit with your favourite Bluetooth headphones and enjoy music while doing your workouts or exercise.

Read the link below to know why you have to chose Fitbit over other smart watches.

As described,Fitbit Versa has been used by many all over the world with good reviews.

Fitbit has the following editions launched in Fitbit Versa

1.Fitbit Versa lite.

2.Fitbit Versa Special Edition.

3.Fitbit Versa2.

4.Fitbit Versa3.

Comparing the models of Fitbit versa.

 Fitbit Versa LiteFitbit Versa Special EditionFitbit Versa2Fitbit Versa3
Activity & SleepYESYESYES YES
24/7 Heart RateYESYESYES YES
Swim Proof upto 50 mYESYESYES YES
On-screen workoutsNOYESYES YES
Store 300+ songsNOYESYES YES
Menstrual health trackingYESYESYES YES
Guided breathing sessionsYESYESYES YES
Resting Heart RateYESYESYESYES
Spotify ConnectNONOYESYES
Always on DisplayNONOYESYES
Google Voice assistanceNONONOYES


Deezer allows Fitbit users to listen to music online.

Deezer has a premium subscription which allows the users to listen to music with a subscription fee of 9.99$ per month.

Fitbit users have a trial period of 90 days where you can listen to the music for free.

How to listen to music from Deezer?

Follow these steps to listen to music from the Deezer music service.

1.Select the Deezer app on the Ftbit versa watch.

2.Copy the activation code obtained on your versa.


3.Go to and enter the activation code.

4.Pair your watch with deezer.


5.Login or create a new Deezer account.

6.Now from the deezer section click on add music and select the playlist you want to listen to.

deezer connect


Like Deezer Fitbit allows you to listen to and download playlists from Pandora stations with a subscription fee of 9.99$ per month.

New users of Fitbit are given a free trail of 30 days to access the Pandora stations.

Pandora is available in the following series of fitbit,

1.Fitbit Ionic

2.Fitbit Sense

3.Fitbit versa2

4.Fitbit versa3

How to add Pandora stations to Fitbit?


You can use Spotify from youe Fitbit versa,Now listen to your favorite podcasts and music albums by playing pausing directly from your wrist.

Follow these simple steps to connect to Spotify.

1.Open Fitbit app and click on profile.

2.Select the device and select apps.

3.Select Spotify and install the app.

4.Login to your Spotify account.

The only thing you need is, you need to have a Spotify premium account in order to enjoy the streaming music.

Available in Fitbit Versa,Versa2,Versa Lite and Ionic Fitbit smart watches.

How to Load Personal Music on Fitbit Versa?

Instead of listening to various streaming services, we can also transfer our own personal music to Fitbit. To load music on Fitbit Versa follow the below steps,

1.Select media in your Fitbit app or select the music icon.

2.In media, select Personal music and select set up now.

personal music

or simply click on music app on Fitbit watch. Select transfer music to transfer your personalised music to versa.

Once the connection is established choose the playlist to transfer.

Why can’t I download music to my Fitbit versa?

Follow these steps if you face difficulty in loading the personal music on Fitbit Versa.

1.Always make sure that the battery of Fitbit versa is above 25 percent.

2.Make sure that the computer and the watch are connected to the same WiFi network.

3.Update the tracking software of Fitbit and try syncing again.

4.Restart the Fitbit versa by holding the back button for 10 seconds.

5.Try turning off the Bluetooth and turning on again.

6.If any of these work, try uninstalling the Fitbit app and again install the same.

How to pair headphones with Fitbit Versa?

Once you load your favourite music, the next thing you have to do is to pair your versa with your headphones.

Follow these steps to connect the headphones with Versa,

1.Select the gear button on your versa indicating settings. Bluetooth.

3.Keep your headphones in pairing mode by turning the Bluetooth on.

4.Tap +Audio device in the watch.

5.The watch displays the list of all bluetooth enabled devices on the screen.

6.Select the speaker from the list.

Now your watch gets paired,which is indicated by the tick mark on the screen.


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