Do night vision driving glasses work?

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By Kaustubh on 20 December 2020

Night vision glasses while driving are mostly used to help those driving by preventing the glare and reflection coming from the opposite vehicle headlights and from the street lights.

They have some antireflective coating preventing the high wavelength light signals from entering the eyes there by reducing the glaring effect and helping the viewers to have a better view of the surroundings.

In this post we will discuss the various features of night vision glasses used for driving,their working and the benefits of wearing them.

What are night driving glasses?

Night driving glasses are primarily designed to remove the discomfort of all those who are driving at night.?Night driving comes at a price,eyes get strained and you must stay focussed all the time to be able to drive under the headlights glare and street lights beam.

Night glasses provides many such facilities and makes night driving easy,Let us look the various features offered by Night driving glasses,

1.Anti glare: 

The primary benefit of night driving glasses is the anti glare effect provided by them. High focussed headlights of the opposite vehicles always cause a discomfort preventing one to see the road clearly.

2.Removes Eye Strain:

Eye strain is caused generally when you try to put more focus on the driving area to see properly.Night glasses make things easy for you removing the extra strain and providing soothing effect to the eyes by blocking the heavy lights and glaring beams from entering the eyes.

3.Stree free driving:

Night glasses help in removing the stress while driving at night. They help in filtering the large amount of light and making able to see the drive way properly in dark and dim situations also.


Safety of the passengers is guaranteed when the driver’s vision is not  blocked by the light coming from opposite traffic and with the lowered amount of light entering his eyes,no more smudging and dizziness issues relating to eye sensitivity. He can focus on his job and reach his destination safely and securely.

How do night vision driving glasses work?

The primary factor behind the working of night driving glasses is the lens, which has the anti glare coating preventing the reflections from the various sources of light disturbing the drivers.

Night vision glasses are yellow tinted lens’ glasses designed by getting inspired from  the shooter’s glasses which are primarily used to assist the shooters providing the high contrast images.

Shooting glasses are used by bird hunters which help them focus on the birds while looking at sky under cloudy situations.

Blue light filter:

The yellow lenses cut off the blue light coming from the various sources.Blue light of the light spectrum has the shortest wavelength and high energy.

It is observes that in the visible light spectrum the lights with shorter wavelength and high energy cause strain to eyes as they produce high glare.

These tinted lenses whether they are yellow or copper colored filter these high energy light rays from entering the eyes. The glare is also prevented by blocking the blue light.

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Are Night vision glasses really helpful?

A driver at dusk must be always attentive and focussed.Don’t just rely on the driving glasses.Mkae sure that you are using your instinct.

Though night vision glasses assist the driver,they also have some drawbacks.

1..Low light situations:

Night vision glasses prevent the high energy light from entering the eyes by locking them,they only allow a portion of light to enter the eyes. This may be welcoming in case of heavy light situations, but it makes it difficult to see in dark and dim situations.

2.Visual Impulses:

Studies have shown that the reaction to visual impulses is slightly lowered by the wearing of night vision tinted glasses. The visuals of pedestrians crossing the road with glasses on are observed one second slower than the visuals with out the glasses.


Night vision tinted glasses are non prescribed by an ophthalmologist ,they are used by the users on their own for their comfort. If you have any refractive errors, near sighted or farsighted or astigmatism, better to wear the glasses prescribed for you with an anti glare refractive coating.

Because for such type of users these night driving glasses can cause more harm than good.


Types of Night vision glasses

Clip-on Night vision glasses:

These type of glasses fix magnetically over your prescribed glasses, protecting your vision and providing the comfort while driving.

Polarized glasses vs Semi Polarized:

Some night vision glasses are semi polarized while some other are polarized providing the HD night vision and anti glare functionality.

Studies have shown that the amber and copper colored tinted glasses are best for driving as they provide high contrast compared to blue or green color glasses which distort the color of the red traffic signal.

Yellow color tinted lenses are commonly used for night driving,they reduce the amount of light entering the eye and are ot recommended for low light situations.


What are the best night vision driving glasses?


1.Semi Polarized.

2.High quality sports equipment.

3.Sleek and stylish.

4.Lens built from Shatter proof glass.

5.Protective case to prevent scratches.

6.Comfortable wear with integrated nose pads.



Safety with highest level of clarity in sight.



2.Durable metal frame.

3.Shatter proof polycarbonate lenses.

4.UV 400 protection.

5.Integrated nose pads for ultimate comfort.

6.Made for men and women, also used for fishing, skating and cycling.


No issues with glared traffic lights or rainy nights.


1.Clip-on driving glasses.

2.Polarized HD yellow lens.

3.Great for sunny, cloudy, rainy days and nights.

4.UV 400 protection.

5.Light weight and scratch resistant.


Clip on sunglasses in reasonable price for prescribed glasses.


1.Metal frame and plastic lens.

2.Polarized yellow coating.

3.Impact resistant with polycarbonate material.

4.Leather case and microfibre pouch.

5.Safe driving at cloudy or rainy days and nights.


Improved night vision with light weight Pro Acme yellow glasses with high quality metal frame.


1.Plastic frame and plastic lens.

2.High quality Polarized lenses.

3.Can be used during hunting and as security surveillance also.

4.Wrap around glasses over prescription glasses.

5.Light weight and stylish.

6.Hard EVA case.


Night vision glasses advanced HD technology reducing the eye strain for a safe ride.

Tips for a better night driving experience.

Follow these simple tips to reduce the difficulty during driving at nights,

1.Always prefer anti glare refractive correction prescribed glasses.

2.Clean your night driving glasses lens properly using a micro fibre cloth.

3.Maintain dim lights in the dashboard to reduce eye strain.

4.Clean the dirt from your headlights.

5.Check the wind shield wipers.

6.Keep the speed of the vehicle under control and have a peaceful mind while driving.

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