How to choose the best outdoor wireless security camera

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How can I choose the best outdoor wireless security camera?

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By Kaustubh 8 December 2020

An outdoor wireless security camera provides many benefits to the user providing convenience and simple maintenance. Your smart home needs protection from inside and outside.

Now don’t worry about the safety of your smart home while you are away from it. Wireless security cameras will do the job for you, keeping an eye on your asset and watching for you.

There are many ways you can use them. Know more about how you can use them in the best way possible and take the maximum benefit of owning them.

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Advantages of Wireless Security Cameras

There are many advantages of having wireless security cameras over wired security cameras.

Here are some,


Once fixed, wired security cameras can not be changed from one place to another easily. But with wireless security cameras, there won’t be such a problem.

You can always experiment with the position of the wireless security camera.

Hence convenience with varying positioning is offered by the wireless security cameras.


Wireless security cameras can be operated from anywhere with the help of a smartphone.

No need for physical presence to turn on or turn off the camera. They can be operated virtually as long as you have a proper internet connection.

Hence the operating comfortability is always better in the wireless security cameras.


It is always economical to set up a wireless security camera.

Wireless security cameras are easy to set up because they don’t need additional wiring and installation.

So, with no additional cost of wiring and hardware, wireless security cameras are always easy to set up.


Wireless security cameras are always scalable. You can always add additional cameras to work with the already installed camera easily.

Expand your wireless security by adding more cameras to work together keeping watch over the whole neighborhood maintaining safety.


Wireless security cameras are easy to maintain.

Always make sure that the storage is not full. Make updates of the software periodically.

Disadvantages of Wireless Security cameras.


Wireless security cameras often suffer from the interference of other wireless devices in the network. The signals have to pass through many obstacles, like walls and doors, which may result in the loss of signal strength.


There may be a loss of data during wireless transmission. The data received is always not reliable.


Wireless security cameras can be hacked. They are vulnerable to security attacks.

Checklist for selecting the best outdoor wireless security camera.

We have various wireless security cameras available in the market. The following factors are to be considered while choosing the best wireless security camera,

1.What is the reason behind your purchase? What do you want to watch?

Wireless security cameras can be used in many ways from guarding your neighborhood to watching over your visitors. Make sure the primary purpose of the security camera is fulfilled to the maximum extent.

The main important job a wireless security camera does is, it provides protection to your house from intruders. Along with this, you can always consider buying it for the following purposes,

1.To monitor children while playing outdoor:

Parents of small kids are often worried about the safety of the kids and they want to watch their kids closely while playing, to make sure they are doing good.

Now with the security cameras installed, you can always watch them doing your works happily while monitoring them.

2.Outside your store:

Keep your store safe from intruders. Know who is coming to the store and watch their actions keeping a close eye and always be aware of the suspicious users with the help of the outdoor security camera.

3.Surveillance purpose:

Outdoor security cameras for Surveillance are primarily used for observing the surroundings continuously for any disturbing events.

so, whether you are looking for security cameras to monitor your pets or to watch over the elders or kids, always know what is the primary purpose behind your purchase and follow your decision

2.How much area is under surveillance? 

Always know the area to be covered and How far the cameras have to cover. If the surveillance area is more you may need more than one camera to cover the entire place. In general wireless security cameras provide a range of 70 feet coverage and of course it varies with the zoom and camera resolution.

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3.Is night vision required for your outdoor or do you provide enough lights?

Outdoor security cameras are provided with night vision which can record the visuals even in the dark. This feature is beneficial to watch over the surroundings at night and even without any lights on.

They use infrared light to illuminate the low light surroundings.

Please read our post on working of night vision in cameras.

4.How far is the router or Wi-Fi access point?

Wireless security cameras need the internet to work and you must position them closer to the Wi-Fi access point so that there is no change in the performance of the security camera.

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If the camera is positioned far from the router, the signal may not be received properly. In general, there is a need for an extender to extend the signal to the outdoor, so that the camera comes in the range of the Wi-Fi.

Some wireless cameras are often provided with stronger antennas to grab the signal from a long-distance range. Keep in mind your requirements and the Wi-Fi access points while making the purchase.

5.Where do you want to position the camera? 

The positioning of the camera also plays an important role in the purchase decision. Make sure you have decided where to keep the camera, whether it is a wall or ceiling, a tree or fence.

The positioning also depends on your wish, whether you want your camera to be visible or not.

In general, the best places to get cameras installed are on the front door and in the backyard. Also, places, where you can’t monitor by yourself, need support from the cameras.

Positioning is important because some cameras come with magnetic adhesive to stick to walls but others need mounting hardware support.

6.Do you need the two-way audio security system?

A two-way audio security system allows you to answer the visitors outside your home entrance. They need an additional microphone and speaker set up to receive and transmit audio through the camera.

7.How much resolution do you actually need?

There are many security cameras available in the market with varying image resolutions like 4K, 5MP, 1080p, 720p

They all differ in the clarity and zoom the security cameras provide with the image. Suppose the image with a 5MP security camera is two times clear than the image with 2MP.

The clarity increases with the number of pixels in the image and the cost also increase accordingly. Know how much resolution you actually need and choose your security camera according to it.

4k 5MP 1080P 720P
3,840×2,160 pixels
2,560×1,920 pixels
1,920×1,080 pixels
1,280×720 pixels

8.Is your camera capable of motion detection?

CCTVs or security cameras capable of motion detection are able to detect the objects in a moving state. They compare the simultaneous images and detect the changes in the image appear to detect the movement and will send the alerts to the user regarding the result of the outcome.

9.Is rotation possible? How many angles it can rotate or how much zoom is possible?

There are certain Security cameras which are providing 360 degrees rotation providing overall coverage of the surroundings.

This may not be needed at all times, in those cases, you can select automatic rotation based on motion detection where the camera focuses on the direction where a lot of movement is happening.

Coming to the zoom options, most of the CCTVs are offering a 360 degrees panoramic view giving a wide view of the area under control.

In general, a wireless camera with 30x  zoom is often recommended for outdoor purposes.

10.Is your camera weatherproof?

An outdoor security camera has to withstand the varying environmental conditions. It must work in rain or snow. The performance of the security camera must be consistent in all situations.

Weatherproof security cameras do their job irrespective of rain or sun. No need to shield the camera to protect it from the weather.

11.How much storage is your camera supporting?

Security cameras provide both local and cloud storage.

The onboard storage of the security cameras ranges up to 500 GB. There are security cameras offering more than 5 TB of storage also.

Some CCTVs are providing a USB storage option also, where you can use a hard disk instead of a cloud service for the storage.

The user interface and easiness provided by the App of the Wireless security camera is a very important consideration. Also, know about the customer support offered by the manufacturers, read the reviews from the past users, and make the perfect decision.

How do wireless security cameras get power?

Wireless security cameras can be powered by batteries or by plugging them into an electrical outlet. Wireless security systems are battery powered so that their performance is not wasted because of power failures.

The battery generally lasts one to three years. They are easily replaceable with the new ones.

Battery operated wireless security cameras not only provide backup but also help in easy installation and convenience in operation.

Can wireless security systems be hacked?

Like all wireless devices, wireless security cameras are a risk of getting hacked. They are vulnerable to security attacks. But if proper care is taken, we can prevent our security system from getting attacked by the intruders. The following steps are highly recommended to attain privacy and security,

1.Always make sure that the network security is high, follow high network security standards.

2.The data that is stored locally in the memory card present in the security camera has the highest chance of getting lost, hence cloud storage is always recommended.

3.Focus on the WiFi security, always use a difficult to guess password, and never share the password with anyone.

4.Periodically update the firmware of the camera to prevent malicious attacks.

What is the best outdoor Wi-Fi security camera?

Some of the best options for outdoor wireless security cameras


1.24/7 live video.

2.Two-way audio facility.

3.Night vision.

4.Easy installation. and App easiness.

5.Weather proof.

6.Motion detection.

7.60 days subscription to Nest aware.


1.Alexa voice assistance.

2.24/7 continuous video 1080p HD recording.

3.Multiple uses of the camera, it can be used indoor and outdoor.

4.Night vision.

5.Weather resistant.

6.Free cloud storage.

7.2-way audio facility. 


1.Full HD Live streaming.

2.Night vision.

3.Wyze app support.

4.Free cloud storage.

5.Two-way audio.

6.Data from the Wyze camera can be shared with multiple users.

7.Voice control with Alexa and Google.


1.Built-in LED light strips and a siren.

2.Two way audio.

3.Night vision.

4.Voice assistance with Alexa.

5.Motion activated alerts.

6.Easy installation.

7.Ring protection plan.


1.1080P full nonstop monitoring.

2.Weather resistant.

3.Alexa voice assistance.

4.Adjustable night vision.

5.Zmodo cloud recording with a 1-month free trial.

6.Zmodo app support.

7.Easy set up and easy remote access.


1.1080P full Hd video recording. resistant.

3.voice assistance with Alexa.

4.Colour night vision.

5.True Detect Heat & Motion Detection.

6.The wide 110-degree field of view covers broad areas.

7.Easy installation and App support.


1.Solar powered.

2.Tilt & Pan and Stunning Night Vision.

3.Easily mounted and installed.

4.7-day free secure cloud storage.

5.Motion detection recording only.

6.Reolink app support. with Google assistant.

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