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The Ultimate Review of Fitbit Sense

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By Kaustubh on 10 October 2020

The new Fitbit Sense watch is loaded with many features related to health starting from the skin temperature sensor to the latest ECG sensor. Fitbit claims that this new Fitbit sense watch is capable of stress management. Let us look more in detail about these features and conclude whether it has got all the senses it is saying to have or not.

Review of ECG in Fitbit sense

Recently the FDA(Food and Drug Administration) has approved the ECG feature in the Fitbit sense watch which is tracking heart rhythms.

We have various wearables in the market now with this ECG feature from various companies like Samsung, Amaze fit, and Apple.

What is this ECG?

We all know ECG means Electrocardiogram which shows the rhythmic beating of the heart. In general, the procedure is carried out with the help of electrodes which are placed around the area surrounding the chest. The electric pulses generated will give the rhythmic movements of the heart in the form of pulse waves.

Why is it so important?

Irregular beating of the heart is a major concern as it may lead to further complications. This condition is known as Afib(atrial fibrillation)

How is this feature implemented in the Fitbit Sense?

To know the ECG, one has to place his fingers on the corners of the Fitbit sense watch for 30 seconds. The sensors in the frame of the  Fitbit sense watch and the biosensor core will generate the ECG report. The readings are classified as

1.Sinus Rhythm where the beating of the heart is normal between 50and 100BPM.

2 A-fib Rhythm where the beating of the Heart is irregular between 50 and 120BPM.If your heartbeat readings come under this classification,

The results can be saved and reviewed under the concerned medical supervision.

3.Inconclusive Rhythm where the app fails to come to a conclusion with readings showing the rate below 50BPM or above 120BPM.

Follow this video to clearly know how to use the ECG app first time in our Fitbit sense watch.

My Opinion of ECG feature in Fitbit sense

Adding an ECG facility in Fitbit sense watch is a good move from Fitbit, as this is the first of their smartwatches with the ECG feature.

But I personally feel the procedure of getting the result is not so easy.

It takes a lot of effort from the users from searching and loading the app to searching for the reports.

The sync in the Fitbit sense watch is not happening fast and it is really a test of your patience.

You need to spend some quality time to know the setup and to get used to it.

Also if you move your arms while taking the reading, the report comes as inconclusive maybe I have moved too much. But this ECG app in the Fitbit sense watch is not so friendly app and usage is also not easy according to my opinion.

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Review of EDA feature in Fitbit Sense Watch

The first Smartwatch to have this EDS feature is the Fit bit sense watch. Electro-Thermal Activity is one that Fitbit is saying that it detects the stress one is facing by sensing the skin with sensors.

In general when someone faces stress his/her heartbeat changes and many companies are monitoring the stress level basing on the heart rate variation.

Fit bit sense, on the other hand, is saying that it can monitor stress by measuring the sweat level. The electrodermal sensors start by sending small electrical charges to your skin to detect the body’s reaction to the stress level.

How is EDA measured in Fitbit sense Watch?

1.Swipe right of your Fitbit sense watch and select an EDA scan.

2.Select 2 min scan.

3.Now place the palm of your other hand on the watch and wait for 2 minutes.

4.Now comes the interesting part, Fitbit sense watch now asks you how you feel? You have to log in to your details.

5.Waht Fitbit sense does is, it makes you calm, you can see your heart rate change also. IN general, it gives a range from 1 to 100, higher the number the more stressful you are.

6.Fitbit is saying that it is calculating the score based on three factors

1.Responsiveness related to your physical strain.

2.Your exertion balance and 

3.Your sleep pattern.

With the Premium version, Fitbit is providing guided mindfulness sessions to calm yourself through meditation, yoga, and other audio track relaxation sessions, thereby helping you to manage your stress.

My opinion on EDA scan

There is a lot of data with a lack of explanation. No meaning related to the graph showing EDA responses, how they are calculated, and what they mean?

Even the stress management app is also not providing the needed details and information. It is just showing the responsiveness or exertion balance score, but no method of tracking the reason behind the score.

Maybe Fitbit helps in providing more information by allowing us to access the scores in future updates of Fitbit sense watch software updates.

Review of Skin Temperature Sensor in Fitbit sense watch

This new feature of the Fitbit sense watch works by identifying the changes in the temperature of your body with the help of sensors working on your skin. The temperature variation may be related to an onset of fever or due to ovulation.

The premium users can get minute by minute temperature analysis throughout the night.

My opinion on the skin temperature sensor

the temperature is calculated by the difference in the baseline temperature. The baseline temperature is taken by the average of readings of three-night temperature readings.

The temperature is taken by the skin. If the temperature in your room drops, your temperature readings drop. 

Review of SPO2 feature in Fitbit sense watch

What is a Blood Oximeter?

Blood in our body carries oxygen from the lungs to all parts of the body. Hypoxemia is a condition where your body is not getting the levels of oxygen it needs. Hypoxemia can be observed by the change in color of skin to blue, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, and sweating. If not handled properly this may lead to severe consequences.

What are the normal levels of oximeters?

In general, the readings range from 95 to 100 in a normal healthy human being. If the readings are below 90, it indicates that you are not having enough oxygen in the blood and there is a need to use an oxygen supplement.

How is Blood oxygen measured in Fitbit sense Watch?

There is a SPO2sensor in the Fitbit sense watch that helps in measuring the amount of oxygen present in your blood.

The sensor tracks your oxygen levels during your night’s sleep and shows the readings in the form of a graph.

In case of any medical history related to breathing difficulties, this feature may help you identify the oxygen level variations during your sleep.

My Opinion on the SPO2 feature

The Fitbit sense watch’s SPO2 feature tracks the oxygen levels throughout your night, it averages the oxygen readings and gives you a saturation level.

But it needs that spo2 clock face to show the readings.

This is the most disgusting thing, you have to change the watch faces now and then and syncing the app and doing the things. Changing watch faces is not so easy and convenient.

Review of Sleep Tracking feature in Fitbit Sense watch

Our family owns Fitbit watches for a long, including versa, charge 3, and charge 4. The sleep tracking facility is one which is the best feature provided by Fitbit with the tracking of various sleep cycles under light, deep, and REM sleep stages.

Fitbit sense watch provides the same sleep tracking and gives you an overall score of 1-100 showing you the time spent in each stage along with the total time slept.

My opinion on the sleep tracking feature

Sleep tracking in the Fitbit sense watch also shows your heart rate variations during sleep and how they affect your sleep quality.

It also shows you the restlessness associated with the number of turns you have taken during the night’s sleep.

Other features and Work out reviews of Fit bit sense watch

IN addition to SPO2, EDA, and Temperature scan Fitbit sense watch can be used for various health metrics like your heart rate while resting, heart rate variations during activity, and breathing rate.

The other features include

1.Fitbit pay option allows you to tap your Fitbit sense watch and pay by loading your credit or debit card features in the Fitbit app.

2.Guided relaxation sessions help you to relieve from stress.

3.Fitbit sense watch is using a new heart rate sensor with technology, PurePulse 2.0 which monitors your heart rate continuously during your exercise and sleep. Fitbit sense watch alerts you in case of high or low variations in heart rate during an activity.

4.All day activity tracking with work intensity maps and Active zone minutes.

5.Fitbit sense watch allows you to set your exercise goals with automatically tracking exercises like walks and runs. Smart tracking with 20+ exercise modes.

6.Built-in GPS allows you to ignore carrying your phone with your watch to know the pace and distance during your outdoor rides and hikes.

7.Water resistance up to 50 meters.

My opinion on Fitbit health metrics

There are a lot of features related to health in the health metrics dashboard. However, they are available in the Fitbit premium version.

Fitbit is providing 6 months free Fitbit premium version with this Fitbit sense watch but it would be cool if these features are available for free.

Review of Design and Display of Fitbit sense watch

Fitbit Sense watch comes with a 1.58 inch AMOLED display panel screen with a wide stretched screen towards corners. The corners are however rounded compared to Fitbit versa. The design of the display is good.

Fitbit sense watch is available in both aluminum and stainless steel frames in two colors black and gold. However, you can try some cool watch straps from Amazon.

For all those who are tired of changing the straps of versa, Fitbit has heard your problems, it brought the strap changing mechanism of charge 4 in Fitbit sense watch, Press the latch and change the strap.

My opinion about the Design of Fitbit Sense Watch

The home button on the left side of the Fitbit versa watch is changed to an inductive button in Fitbit sense watch. What is quite annoying is the awkward positioning of the button which is kept too low towards the wrist and is difficult to access. The positioning of the placement of the button has left many complaints about reaching it.

Review of Battery of Fitbit sense watch

Fit bit claims that the battery of the Fitbit sense watch lasts for 6 days.

Fitbit sense watch comes with 2 options for display,

Default option which awakes when you lift your wrist and

the other option provides the feature of the always-on display.

In case if you select the default feature with lift your wrist to enable screen with normal adjusted brightness the battery is going to last for 5 days maximum.

If you opt for the always-on feature in your Fitbit sense watch the battery is not going to last more than 2 days.

My opinion about the battery in the Fitbit sense watch

The new charging option with a magnetic dock in the Fitbit sense watch is good and is providing fast charging.

Review of Music and Alexa Voice assistance in Fit bit sense watch 

Coming to the music facility of the Fitbit sense watch.

Fitbit sense watch allows you to put Pandora and Deezer music offline in your watch. You can enjoy the music played in your paired Bluetooth headphones while working out.

You can also listen to songs from Spotify, But can not put them offline on your watch.

Fitbit as for now is providing virtual assistance through Alexa,

ASK Alexa about the weather and rain.

The result will be displayed as text on your Fitbit sense watch screen.

Fitbit is saying it is going to add Google assistant also in the coming days.

My opinion on the microphone and speaker of the Fitbit sense watch

I wish I could receive phone calls through the Fitbit microphone and speaker. But presently it is not possible, Fitbit is saying it is going to add this feature to the Fitbit sense watch soon. Let us wait for this to happen.

Price of Fitbit sense watch

The price of the Fitbit sense watch is 329$

Fitbit sense watch is available in lunar white/soft gold and carbon/graphite. 

Four classic bands—lunar white, black, pink clay, and midnight—are available for $29.95. Five sport bands—grey/mint, melon/rose, sapphire/fog grey, black/lunar white, and evergreen/lunar white—are available at $34.95 each. 

Accessories range from $29.95 to $49.95, including the woven band in charcoal; camo band; and Pendleton Designer Collection woven bands in blue/grey Canyonlands and blue/pink Basket Maker. 

Where to buy?

You can visit the Fitbit store and order your Fitbit sense watch.

You can visit Amazon and order your Fitbit sense watch through this link.

Buy Now at Amazon